My Misery Isn't Yours

Kayla and Keith sat across each other in a small coffee shop downtown. Kayla seemed slightly nervous, constantly fidgeting and clasping the knot on her napkin.

Keith, on the other hand, was sipping his coffee quietly, not looking at the least troubled. He smiled at Kayla. “What’s up?”

“I need to talk to you,” Kayla replied. She wasn’t sure whether she should blow her own cover in front of Keith. She was not remotely sure of anything anymore.

“I’m here,” Keith responded cheerfully. “I’m always here, Kris.”

Kayla snapped her eyes open at the old nickname Keith had for Kristin ever since they started dating exclusively. “I’m not Kristin,” she finally blurted out. Every sense in her body opened up, and Kayla felt afraid for the very first time. What if Keith decided to leave? What if Keith turned back to Hope, whom she saw was talking intimately to him just a moment ago? What if Keith hated her? What if Keith suddenly wished Kayla was gone instead of Kristin?

“I know,” Keith finally said, looking straight into the pool of blues in Kayla’s eyes.

Kayla was stunned. “You’ve known all along?” her voice was barely a whisper.

“I know you’re Kayla,” Keith said calmly. “Kristin was killed in the car accident.”

“So why are you pretending to be my boyfriend?” Kayla asked, confused. If Keith had known that Kristin was dead, and Kayla was replacing him, Keith could easily evade being her boyfriend. If Keith had known, he would not stick by her side and pretended they were still in love. Millions of questions burst in Kayla’s head, and she suddenly felt sick.

Keith placed his warm cup of coffee on the table. “You know you’re not Kristin. So why are you pretending to be her?” he asked back, and Kayla stared at him placidly as his smile waned off his face.

“I want to resume her life,” Kayla finally admitted. She had always admired Kristin for having everyone’s attention, being the best student with the prettiest face, getting everyone she wanted to side with her. Kayla loved her sister, even wanted her sister’s life, although she chose a life opposite Kristin’s just to be another centre of attention.

“I figure I can just play along until I know what your intention is,” Keith told her quietly. Kayla wanted to tell him everything. Keith was also the reason she became Kristin. Kayla wanted Keith for herself; because he was the very first person she ever wanted to be with. Because maybe Kayla loved Keith, and it was painful that Keith belonged to Kristin. More painful to have him turning to Hope, the two-faced nerd who turned to jelly whenever Keith was around.

“I’m not Kristin,” Kayla repeated. “I just want you to know that.”

Keith leveled her gaze coolly. “Okay.”

“You still want to pretend to be my boyfriend?” Kayla asked with a false laugh, trying to shrug the question off as a joke.

Keith’s eyes suddenly turned darker. He sighed. “Kristin dumped me two days before the accident.”

Kayla looked up in surprise. “She did?”

“She said she wanted to fulfill a personal challenge, that there was life without me. She wanted to find someone new in college,” Keith said. “I don’t know, she just seemed very certain. Besides, our relationship wasn’t as perfect as it looked from the outside.”

“Because you have a crush on Hope Campbell,” Kayla spit out bitterly, wanting him to deny the statement rather than looking crushed, like he was now.

Keith shook his head sadly. “Not at that time. People change, Kayla. We’re not the same people we used to be.”

“Kristin never changed!” Kayla said, a little too loudly. “She couldn’t have broken up with you, because she…” Kayla stopped herself just in time, biting down her lower lip to prevent herself from telling the truth.

“Because she…” Keith pressed, waiting for her to continue.

Kayla fought back tears. “Because she loved you,” she finally said. No. It was not time to tell Keith yet. They both sat in silence, and memories of the day of the accident flooded Kayla’s mind.

The memory of Kristin’s tearstained face as she sat on the passenger’s seat, telling Kayla everything. “I am pregnant, Kayla.”

Kayla, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, turned to her in shock. “What?”

Kristin spoke in a muffled voice, mixed with heavy sobs. “It’s been two months. I am scared, Kay. I’m only seventeen.”

“Does Keith know?”

Kristin shook her head weakly. “I don’t want to tell him.”

“One stupid decision to get yourself pregnant,” Kayla scolded her, “And you’re hiding it from Keith!”

“He’s going to Kansas to study and become a doctor, Kayla. He has a bright future ahead of him, I can’t tie him down here with a baby!” Kristin wiped her cheeks roughly with her hand.

“He has to be responsible,” Kayla said, ignoring the sinking feeling in her stomach. Kristin was having Keith’s baby.

“No!” Kristin’s voice was firm and final. “I am going to abort the baby, and nobody should know of this. Not even Mom and Dad.”

Kayla shook her head and said just as firmly, “No. They have to know.”

“I’m aborting the baby next week,” Kristin replied stubbornly. “It’s my decision.”

“You’re so selfish. What if Keith wanted the baby?” Kayla argued. “Shit. I can’t believe it.”

“You have to promise not to spread the word,” Kristin clutched Kayla’s cold sweaty hands desperately. “Please, Kayla. I don’t want anyone to know.”

Kayla shook in shock, trying to focus on the road. But she did not see the red light, and it was a second too late when a car crashed into them, and all she could hear was Kristin’s loud terrifying scream, and it kept going on… and on… until she realized it was her own voice.


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Writer apathetic
apathetic at My Misery Isn't Yours (8 years 45 weeks ago)


Writer sekar88
sekar88 at My Misery Isn't Yours (11 years 49 weeks ago)

altough my english not good yah masih bisa lah tuh cerita di makan.

Writer w1tch
w1tch at My Misery Isn't Yours (11 years 51 weeks ago)

terus terang aja neh, aku lebih jatuh cinta sama Keith ciptaan kmu. tu dia cowok yang mau aku describe, yang buat aku terobsesi. cool. "bright future" hehe... keren. keren. cuma...kok Kansas sih, kupikir dia bakalan ke MIT or something. tapi secara keseluruhan, it's--WOW.

Writer marple
marple at My Misery Isn't Yours (11 years 51 weeks ago)

wow... gue seneng banget lanjutannya.. sedikit demi sedikit udah mulai terbuka ceritanya.. jangan lama2 ya kalo mo nyambung ceritanya.. gue penasaran banget ama ending.. will keith choose kayla or hope..

Writer julie
julie at My Misery Isn't Yours (11 years 51 weeks ago)

why do people like pretending to be somebody else rather being himself?

Writer v1vald1
v1vald1 at My Misery Isn't Yours (11 years 51 weeks ago)

Ampun deh kamu! Kenapa kamu pusing2 mikirin how to translate the story into indonesian? Atau pusing2 mikirin komen yang mengatakan coba asah juga cerpen indonesiamu... Okeh.. okeh.. itu bukan ide yang jelek. Tapi aku tekankan sekali lagi ya Frenzy: u r a very damn good writer when it come to english!!! Tulisan satu ini pun, keren! Yang kalo kamu translate ke indo, suasana; karakter; latar; semua gak akan masuk/nyambung! Dialog,nuansa,hingga reasoning; yang mendasari cerita ini; semua seolah real and natural (in english)! Aku bahkan terbawa seperti mengikuti cerita non fiksi ketimbang fiksi! (dan ini sama sekali tidak aku temukan pada saat kamu menulis dalam bahasa indonesia yang menyebabkan tulisan kamu kebanting dengan penulis lain!)
Asah terus dan semangat ya... dan jangan buru2 puas dengan hasil yang sekarang sudah ada... terus baca cerita2 lain dalam english... karena kemampuan menulis itu seiring dan sejalan dengan kekuatan membaca...
Good luck, Girl!

Writer dhilwas
dhilwas at My Misery Isn't Yours (11 years 51 weeks ago)

makanya kalo gaul dibatesin dan dipakain pelindung biar aman.. hehehhe.... just kidding