Romance of the Two Worlds - We shall be the God

Romance of the Two Worlds

Demus Poetia, Wal se vir im Solfatii
(Second Poem, We shall be the God)

Still clear in my mind
the night when world fall
no more sunshine
rations, one of a kind
even air to breath, is nowhere to find
we’re alive, but nothing is fine

Extinction is near
our fate is crystal clear
holding hands with my dear
we try to escape our biggest fear


is not human’s destiny
but something we should overcome
our body and mind have gone numb
the time to reopen old research has come
we’ll defy the law of humanity
even if it means to use the forbidden technology
well, let it be

We’ll become God

something we should’ve done a long time ago
it’s time to throw our humanity and ego
let’s strive to become something better

We shall be the God of our own world

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I just little know about English, but this is a nice one, you're so creative :)

hehe thanks atas komentarnya ^^


terkadang orang gitu, pengen jadi dewa/Tuhan... dan aku nggak suka itu... tapi puisi ini bener-bener ngubah sebagian sudut pandang aku, dari melihat dari luar jadi seolah dari sisi dimana akulah yang pengen jadi sang dewa/Tuhan... keren abis deh...!

many thanks! :D


lbih bgz dr yg pertama.. cm aq rada binun gitu.. hehehe.. lanjut baca ah~~




nice... but it's better using "nowhere to be found" instead of "nowhere to find"


good english

i just can say that



Technology has a neutral value
All of it likes the knife
For makes the murder
Or pieces vegetable

seeep !