The Court

Lucy had enough reasons to loathe the creatures—humans. They were greedy, insatiable, and evil beings! If they weren’t like what she thought, then it must’ve been her dreams.

The court was so noisy; everybody was talking, discussing what needed to do. To be précised, every angel in the room was debating over the existence of human—the creature who resided on the realm of Gaia, Mother Earth. Some agreed that the creature was despicable, while the others were against it. Lucy belonged to the first group, of course.

“We must get rid of them soon,” suddenly the brown-haired angel spoke in a low tone, anger clearly reflected on her grey eyes, “before they make Mother Earth’s condition worse.”

Everyone in the court went silent, stunned by the abruptness. They turned their attention to the one who was brave enough to voice such an unsympathetic opinion. Their eyes were locked on the figure, staring intensely.

“Do you mean, these humans, Lucy?”

“Isn’t it obvious, Rea? Of course, what I mean is those ungrateful beings.”

A raven-haired male angel rose from his seat, standing elegantly. He looked at each pair of eyes glaring curiously at him, demanding permission to speak. Nobody moved, so he continued. “Why do you think we must, Lucy?”

“I don’t need to tell the court; we all already know what the main problem is.”

“Humans are greedy, unquenchable. Mother Earth gives them what they need, but they demand for what they want. She gives them forest and fresh air to breathe, but they cut the forest down and pollute the air by establishing unhealthy industries. She emits springs to satisfy their thirst, but they—once again—pollute the river. Am I wrong, Lucy? Are those what you want to point out?”

No. Rea wasn’t wrong at all, Lucy thought. He pointed out exactly what she believed about humans. They were exactly the same as what Rea described: greedy, ungrateful, destroyer. They were unworthy of Mother’s kindness, they didn’t deserve her blessings! They were weak, yet so bigheaded. What could they do if Mother Earth wasn’t there for them? Nothing, not even taking a single breath!

“Why are you still hesitating, Commander? Rea has pulled out what we all need to hear. Release the Catastrophe already!”

The court for once again went loud, all and sundry declared their respective opinions. The Catastrophe, the Catastrophe! If the Catastrophe was indeed released, then it would be the end of the human’s civilization! The earth would be vacant, empty; nobody would take care of Mother Earth. But—wait! Humans themselves caused this problem! They didn’t take care of her properly at the first place! They deserved it!

The court was abruptly led to calm right after a man with blonde hair got on his feet. He held his hands in the air, demanding every eye to turn to him. “What about the other?” Commander spoke gently, smiling.

The other? What is this ‘the other’ about?”

“Here, let me show you.”

The Commander held his fingers in the air, light emitting from them. The light assembled, forming a circle. It became a kind of TV screen, displaying what was happening on the earth.

“What about this human?” the Commander asked, pointing at a figure on the screen who was planting seeds on an empty field—which once was a forest. “Does he deserve the Catastrophe?” He moved a finger, and the screen changed the display; green scenery was shown. There were trees, smooth grass covering the land. Birds were singing, the sunlight warmed the air. “This is exactly the same place where the human planted the seeds. Do you still hold on your belief that he deserves the Catastrophe?” Lucy was about to open her mouth, voicing her protest, but the Commander continued. “You may go down to earth to prove yourself, Lucy. But I can assure that there are many of these kind humans. Do you still insist that we must release the Catastrophe?”

Lucy bowed her head, hiding her gaze. She never knew that humans were split into two groups—just like her and her fellow angels. She never knew that there were some who still loved Mother Earth, taking care of her. Well, by the look of it, most of the attendants in the court were the same; they didn’t know that fact, either. 

“I wonder what the court would decide over this.” The raven-haired angel spoke up calmly, smiling at the Commander. He knew his leader was with him.

He knew they both wanted to see what would happen next.

Rea himself didn’t loathe humans in the same way Lucy did, but he didn’t particularly like them, either. He just wanted to be wise. He didn’t mind to see humans entangled in problems, but he didn’t want to see Mother Earth to suffer, either.

The Catastrophe was so great, that even it would hurt Mother Earth, too. That was what Rea was thinking.

“Will we really bring the Catastrophe and take the humans down?”

Everybody in the court turned to the Commander, shaking their head in disagreement.

“We are going to give them a chance, to prove us that they aren’t so evil as we thought.” 

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Writer Riesling
Riesling at The Court (8 years 11 weeks ago)

Ini yang di wattpad kan? Saya moin aja karena udah ngomen xDD

Rieka Yankdi at The Court (8 years 15 weeks ago)


Writer dansou
dansou at The Court (8 years 15 weeks ago)

saya komentar pake bahasa indonesia ya? bahasa inggris saya belepotan soalnya.
satu kata. kereeen. saya bayangin di awang-awang sana lagi ada semacam debat macam PSSI yang memperbincangkan umat manusia. tapi ngeri juga ya.
saya agak susah memahami kosakata nya kakak yang luas banget. huhuhuhu T_T tapi untungnya setelah liat konteksnya jadi paham dikit-dikit.
saya yakin ini ada lanjutannya. saya tunggu

Writer Zoelkarnaen
Zoelkarnaen at The Court (8 years 16 weeks ago)

Stop beating yourself down, it's an awesome writing... ^^

One thing bother me though, TV screen? Maybe it should be 'a live images' instead.

Writer synrio
synrio at The Court (8 years 15 weeks ago)

Well, I was trying to make the illustration familiar for the reader :p