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Writer fie
fie at (10 years 49 weeks ago)


Writer darkskie_thedestiny
darkskie_thedestiny at (11 years 2 weeks ago)

berkarakter sebagai bentuk cerita...
mengalir .... mengalir....

Writer bunda_ery
bunda_ery at (11 years 11 weeks ago)

Ibarat makanan : mamamia lezatosssss
heheheh ditunggu lanjutan kisahnya :)

Writer bunda_ery
bunda_ery at (11 years 11 weeks ago)

Keren abis dechhh Frenzy...senang dengan cerita seperti ini

Writer bunda_ery
bunda_ery at (11 years 11 weeks ago)

Suka banget dengan cerita anak sekolahan seperti ini meskipun tidak anak sekolah lagi...masa2 sekolah begitu indahhh

Writer -riNa-
-riNa- at (11 years 12 weeks ago)

Endingnya menurutku masih sedikit menggantung (atau apa aku yang belum menangkap?...^_^)

Di akhir, perasaan tokoh 'aku' setelah melihat pasangannya akhirnya menemukan teman yang bisa diajak ke pasar malam masih belum bisa aku rasain.

Btw, ini cerita kedua yang aku baca dalam dua hari ini yang ada kaitannya sama pasar malam.

Writer patsy
patsy at (11 years 13 weeks ago)

Bagus win... aku baca seri ini sampai berkali-kali. Mana lanjutannya? Kami menunggu dengan tidak sabar hehe...


Writer wehahaha
wehahaha at (11 years 14 weeks ago)

A perfectly told story. No grammar mistake, awesome description, thrilling story line, strong emotionally, nice reading!!!!

Writer FrenZy
FrenZy at (11 years 15 weeks ago)

dear Andrea, thank you for your comment and insight, which are very useful. I agree that I might just fall into the trap of writing speculative fiction, since this is no field that I have much knowledge in.

I am no expert in psychology, and I need to do more in depth research of some kind, but from what I've read, people with paedophobia do have different levels of fear. Some are extremely afraid that they cannot even touch the babies, and some can bear touching them although they would rather do something else than that. the bases also vary, from inability to understand the babies, or fear of dropping them.

I'm relying on the fact that the father does wish to touch his child, and that he cannot do anything about his phobia but he wants to try. and the last scene when he actually holds his daughter, although only for a mere second, is proof of that.

It might be more speculative than it should be, though, on that I have to agree with you. :)

Writer Arra
Arra at (11 years 15 weeks ago)

unic! and u do it again! a story which is written in English!!!
walopun memang ada bagian yang terpaksa ngarang sendiri maksudnya apa. hohoh